Genova underground

Genova was a strange experience. (Note to Keith: I mean the positive „strange“, not the negative one.) 😉 First thing by which one can realize this is that I put almost all available categories on this post. First time in history. Strange, isn’t it?

So what was this all about? I went to Genoa to attend a conference on language resources and evaluation (LREC) last week. Luckily, my plane arrangement was scheduled for Saturday 20th (although the conference started on Monday 22nd), which left me with two days of exploring the city. And Saturday was basically my lucky day where I had some key encounters that unlocked the Genova underground doors and introduced me to all the weird and crazy stuff lateron.

This first post about Genoa is only giving you introductory impressions. So take a look at the following pics and try to remember. In the following days and weeks, I will add separate articles describing many of the exciting situations in detail by referencing to these. Thumbs up, Genova, you stink! 😀

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