Cheesy publications

I discussed the next step in high-performance state-of-the-art scientific publishing with Thomas. We concluded that, in the future, it will be sufficient to write papers of the following type in order to stay competitive within our fellow research community:

Our contributions consist of plugging [1] into [2] and then applying optimizations analog to those in [3] who plugged [1] into [4] and obtained quite good results. The results that we obtained are expected to be similar to adding the improvement reported in [3] to the results reported in [2]. The intricate details of our approach are left to the reader and can be derived by studying the following references.
What follows then is a list of references.

Thomas will certainly excuse my Americanization of his originally British verbalization. But before we can apply such a method in general, we have to publish the basic concept in more detail in the following paper: A modular method for improvements in rapid research. If you want to use a similar concept, you’ll have to wait, sorry. We filed a patent on the idea of planning to publish it first.

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